Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPod Camera Connection Kit

After weeks for waiting for Apple to have it in stock (I wasn't about to pay double or triple the cost as some vendors are charging for this stupid thing) the iPod Camera Connection Kit is here!

iPod Camera Connection Kit
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My first impression is that Apple is making a HUGE profit from these kits. I'd be willing to bet their cost is probably less than a buck and they get away with charging 30 bucks for it. Oh well a fool and his money are soon parted as my dad used to say. Downloading images from the Rebel T2i is very straight forward. Insert the card into the reader and then the reader into the iPad and then you're given the option to pick and choose which images to import or you can import them all at once. Importing isn't the fastest I've ever seen but considering it's transferring 20+ MB files over USB 2.0 connection it works good enough.

Unfortunately transferring images from the 7D isn't quite as easy. My current card reader is the Dynex model DX-CR121 shown in the picture above. When I connect it to the iPad I get an error message about the device using too much power which means it's not compatible with the iPad :(. I can download by connecting the 7D directly to the iPad but that's a pain. I'd like to be able to use my camera while images are being downloaded.

I've read that some Lexar card readers work and found one on eBay that I bought and will try out as soon as it gets here. If you have a card reader that works with the iPad Camera Connection Kit please leave me a comment with the manufacturer and model number so I and others will know what does work.

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