Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ground Pod Working Height

As I have experimented with DIY Ground Pod ideas one thing that has come to mind is what is the working height of the ground pod. Afterall what good is having a Ground Pod if you have to contort yourself into a pretzel to use it?! With this in mind I setup my gear on the PVC Ground Pod, Frying Pan Ground Pod and Induro Tripod with legs fully splayed.
Working Height PVC Ground Pod
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Working height for the PVC Ground Pod is approximately 10 inches with Gimbal Head installed.

Working Height of Frying Pan Ground Pod
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Working height of the Frying Pan Ground Pod is approximatley 11 inches with Gimbal Head installed. I've done some shooting with this setup and it works pretty. What's cool, silly as it sounds, is the sound that resonates through the frying pan when you click the shutter.

Working Height of Induro Tripod
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Working height is a little less than 16 inches when using the Induro CT314 tripod with Gimbal Head installed. I'm beginning to think I may not need a Ground Pod afterall. My Induro Tripod gets me within a few inches of the other two solutions and I'll always have my Induro Tripod with me. I guess I'll know for sure after I've had a chance to try all of the different soltuions out in the coming days.

For those of you that have a Ground Pod, either store bought or DIY what's your approximate working height? I realize there's numerous factors such as ballhead height, Gimbal Head height, etc but I'd be curious to know how low your ground pod gets you.

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  1. Interesting, since I was wondering about this last night while reading your updates. I looked up the specs, and my tripod has a min. height of just under 11" (+ a few more inches for the head).

    The only thing I could think of is that the ground pod is easier to work with, compared to a tripod with it's legs splayed out; that's a big footprint compared to a frying pan, and every time you want to move a tripod, you have to fold it up, where as the ground pod is more pick-up-and-go.