Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 Goal Review

Back in January I listed My 2010 Goals.

Since we're mid-way through 2010 I figured I'd better have a look at 'em and see how I've done so far.

1 - Become more active blogging - Check. According to my stats in 2009 I had 8 posts and so far for 2010 I've posted 27 times.

2 - Join FaceBook - Check. I think FaceBook and Twitter for that matter but suck (I honestly don't see the point of Twitter) but I'm on both.

3 - Become proficient with the C# Programming Language - Nope, not yet.

4 - Become a better Database Administrator (DBA) - Some progress but I'm far from being a guru yet.

5 - Wear Sunscreen - Check. When Donna and I are going to be out in the sun we always put on sunscreen.

6 - Start running again and run the Museum of Aviation Half Marathon in 2011. Uh, not gonna happen. We started running and were doing well with it but we skipped one run, then another and another and before you know it we're no longer running. I really need to get some sort of fitness program going and stick with it. No excuse for this one other than being lazy.

7 - Stop taking crappy photos for my Project365. Hmm, well I guess it would depend on how you define crappy :). We made it through our year so I'm going to say we did this one.

7a - Don't think we missed any days from Jan - Jun.

7b - Don't be stupid enough to sign up for another daily project - Check. Though I did start my own picture of the week project.

8 - Expand my photographic knowledge by shooting something I haven't shot yet. Tough call but I'm going to say I'm at least on progress. Since I found my niche of bird photography I have expanded my photographic knowledge by concentrating on birds plus I have expanded my knowledge of birds in general so that's an added bonus as well. Another thing I've shot this year that I hadn't shot before is an air show so I'm going to say I've done this one for sure.

9 - Shed at least 35 pounds - Ha Ha Ha Ha fat ass. Stop blogging and start running :)

10 - Photograph at least 5 of the 20+ waterfalls in the state of South Carolina. I'm 1/5th of the way there. We've shot one waterfall so far and I'm sure we'll get at least 4 more later this year when we head back to the upstate South Carolina region.

So what about you? Did you create a list of goals for 2010? If so how are you doing?

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  1. You're doing better than I ever did! I finally stopped making lists because I'm so bad at following through on them; things that sound great in January fall completely off my radar by June, and are replaced by new adventures.

    So congrats on doing as well as you did!