Thursday, July 22, 2010

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

This juvenile Eastern Bluebird is part of the family that is using the birdhouse in our backyard. There's a 4th member of the family but it's pretty rare that you see all 4 of them together. This shot was taken with Donna's Rebel T2i and my Canon EF 400 lens. Exposure was 1/1000th at f/5.6, ISO 1600. I'm not sure why the ISO was cranked up so high unless I had the camera set for auto ISO which is most likely the case. I have been experimenting with different ISO settings and metering modes to see what produces the best results for me.


  1. Love the bokeh in that one! I'll be curious to hear what conclusions you draw regarding ISOs and metering modes. I'm pretty comfortable adjusting my ISO manually as needed, but I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to metering modes, in the sense that I used spot for a long time, and have only lately started trying to shift modes depending on the task at hand.

  2. Thanks Brent. Lately I've been using spot metering a lot for birding. In the past I always left it on evaluative but spot seems to be working better for me. My thought is the bird is the most important subject in the frame so I want the exposure set for it rather than the overall scene. So far it has been working well.

  3. Love the picture ! I build Eastern Bluebird houses. You can see them at