Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Goals for 2010

I looked up the term resolution and decided I didn't like what it meant so instead of listing my New Years Resolutions I'm listing my goals for 2010 (in no particular order).

1 - Become more active blogging (I want to write about a variety of topics, not just camera stuff)
2 - Join FaceBook (seems my wife and I are the only two people left that haven't joined)  Accomplished 10 January 2011. I finally joined. If you want to find me just search for Zack Jones in Goose Creek, SC there shouldn't be too many of us :)
3 - Become proficient with the C# Programming Language (I can read it and write a little of it, but I want to become good at it)
4 - Become a better Database Administrator (DBA) (I get by with what I know but I really want to become the guru)
5 - Wear Sunscreen (Not sure why I listed that one it just popped into mind)
6 - Start running again and run the Museum of Aviation Half Marathon in Feb 2011. (I ran this half marathon several years ago)
7 - Stop taking crappy photos for my Project365. (Sometimes I just take a picture of anything so I don't miss a day.)
7a - Don't miss any more days
7b - Don't be stupid enough so sign up for another daily project
8 - Expand my photographic knowledge by shooting something I haven't shot yet.
9 - Shed at least 35 pounds. (Notice I didn't say lose. When you lose something typically you want to find what you lost. In this case I don't :))
10 - Photograph at least 5 of the 20+ waterfalls in the state of South Carolina.

That should keep me busy for the whole year. How about you? What are your goals for 2010?

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  1. Oh....I really need to make my list. Things have been running through my mind, but I haven't formally decided on anything. I have been thinking about doing the Couch to 5K thing. We'll see. It would help if I could get Rob out of the house, he is a BIG homebody unless it is a shooting match or fishing trip. HA