Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To those of you who, like me, have been blessed to be fathers then Happy Father's Day to you. Today is a pretty tough day for me. On one hand I have two wonderful sons, as well as step-son and step-daughter so as a father I really hit the jackpot. It's sad for me because this is the second year that I can't pick up the phone and say "Happy Father's Day" to my dad. 

When I think if my dad I often picture an image just like the one shown below. This is a picture taken of a black and white print that appeared in "The Pilot's Wheel" magazine which was published by the trucking company dad worked for. Dad graced the cover of the magazine and they had a big article about him in it. Honestly I have no idea what the article said as I never read it. I just know it was about my dad and that's all I needed to know. As a national accounts salesman dad traveled a lot but every time he came home he always looked like a million bucks like he does in that picture below.  So even though my dad would have no clue what a blog entry is this one if for you dad. Thank you for being that dad that you were. If I'm half the dad to my kids that you were to me then I have accomplished something in this lifetime.

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  1. Happy Father's Day Zack! Nice write up! You look ALOT like your dad! Very cool pic and memories.