Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Behind Every Good Photographer There's....

Recently the Digital Photography School weekly challenge was to complete the following statement with a photograph "Behind Every Good Photographer There’s…..".

My submission is shown below. This shot was taken by Donna last weekend while we were on our way out of the Cypress Gardens Swamp in Bushy Park, South Carolina. We love this place and best of all every 3rd Saturday of the month residents of our county get in free so if we're in town on the third Saturday you'll likely find us out in the swamp. But enough about Cypress Gardens in this post I want to talk a bit about the backpack.

Although I can't say I'm crazy about the name the StreetWalker Pro backback from Think Tank Photo. They make three different versions of this backpack the StreetWalker which is designed for a normal size DSLR, the StreetWalker Pro which is designed to hold a DSLR with battery grip and the StreetWalker Harddrive which can also carry a laptop. The main compartment can be configured to store any kind of camera / lens combo I currently own. It easily holds my 400mm lens when mounted to my 7D along with 70-200 lens, 580 EX II flash, better beemer flash extender, 1.4x and 2x extenders, remote shutter release and rain cover -- and that's just what I put in the main compartment! There's pockets everywhere it seems and on the front straps there's two expandable pockets. In these pockets I'll usually put my GPS tracker which I use for geotagging photos in one and my cellphone in the other. I'll do a more complete review of the backpack with pictures of how I load my gear into it soon. If you're in the market for a new camera backpack I'd highly recommend taking a look at what Think Take Photo has to offer.

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