Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turkey Vulture

(Click image to see a larger version)
Taken in Red Bank Landing, South Carolina (Goose Creek), Canon EOS 7D and EF 400mm f/5.6L lens. Exposure was 1/500 @ f/8 ISO 100

Turkey Vulture (Catharties aura)

Yes they are terribly ugly birds when you see one up close but they are so awesome to watch when they soar overhead. I shot this particular Turkey Vulture on the base where I work. There's a park that has several ponds and nature trails for you to explore and I saw this guy circling overhead. When I saw him get a little closer I was able to get this shot.


  1. Awesome catch, Zack. They are so ugly, but still cool looking in a way. LOL I caught some pictures of a bunch sitting in a field here. There must have been 50 of them sitting in the field.