Thursday, May 20, 2010


I took this picture last night while shooting a baseball game for a coworker who's son was playing in the game. As I was going through the pictures I saw this one and almost deleted it right away after all you can't see the faces of either player or anything like that so it's not a keeper or is it?

Spend a little time looking at the photo and you may start to notice little things that make the photo interesting. Here's what I found:

- The dust cloud. Yes it's faint but there's just enough that it gives the photo a sense of motion.

- The little specs of dirt on the 3rd baseman's arm. Obviously these were kicked up by the sliding runner but I think they're kind of cool.

- The sun light on the base.

- The little bit of baseball sticking out of the glove as the player was tying to apply the tag.

Lesson learned here: Don't be so fast with the delete key. What may appear to be a throw away just may be a keeper after all. I realize this photo may mean a little more to me than you because I played baseball for a number of years as a kid.

Photo Info: This was taken with my Canon 7D and EF 400 f/5.6L lens, 1/1000th at f/5.6, ISO 200.


  1. You're right Zack - this breaks a lot of rules, but it's still a good photo. Without the faces it certainly isn't a portrait of the specific players, but it speaks a lot to baseball itself. And it's got terrific energy!

  2. I love this shot... I totally "get" the feeling and have gotten some similar to this one.


  3. Zack, this is an awesome shot! I noticed all those things and more! But you're right, we need not be so quick to judge with the delete key!