Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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I once read that the best way to honor a Veteran is to say two simple words to him or her: "Thank You"

To those that served before me: Thank You!

To those that served along side Donna and me: Thank You!

To those that are serving today (especially Specialist Terry Spangler, U.S. Army and Private First Class Andrew Jones, U.S. Marine Corps): Thank You!

To those what will serve our great nation in the future: Thank You!

About these ribbons: These are the ribbons I wore while serving on active duty in the Air Force. I know they are out dated because I actually earn two Meritorious Service Medals and I'm sure I'm eligible for something due to service in Desert Shield/Storm. I wore them with pride and that same pride I have for every member of our armed forces. My God bless you and keep you and your families safe always.

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  1. Thank you Zack, for your service. I didn't know you were blogging, now you have a new HAHA

    Happy New Year to you and Donna. Hope we can all get together soon.

    Miss Sissy ;-)