Sunday, July 29, 2012

Road Trip Pictures

Some pictures from the road. In many cases I've uploaded the normal aspect and square aspect versions so you can see the differences. Although the images may look the same in the post they aren't. Click one to view larger and then you can see them all in the proper format.

Some berries. Anyone know what kind they are? This one is in the square format.

Berries in the normal format.

Fedex Truck in square format. I've never seen one with 3 trailers before.

FedEx truck in normal format.

Dig that chain link steering wheel.

Flower in square format.

Flower in normal format.

Old Cougar but notice the reflection :(.

Mountains in square format.

Mountains in normal format.

Road sign in square format. Notice the upper left hand corner and then look at next image.

Road sign in normal format. Notice how you can see part of the windshield.

Terry at a really cool statue. This statue sits suspended in water and you can actually rotate it.

Terry making a self portrait using the side mirror.

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