Sunday, May 27, 2012

Carolina Anole

Did you know that the red thing extended under his chin is called a dewlap? I didn't. it's purpose is to attract females. This guy hangs out on the fence in our back yard and from time to time I'll see him crawling along the fence, pausing, extending his dewlap, and then moving on and doing it again. I guess he's on the prowl. Too bad I haven't seen any other Anole's around for him to hook up with. I'm sure he'll find a mate one of these days as our fence is connected with two additional fences so he has plenty of room to prowl.

I'm also using this as a test post to see how big of images I can upload without them looking funny on the blog. The first image below is 1000px along the long edge and the 2nd is 2000px. With all of the images here on the blog you can click on them to view a larger version. The picture was taken with my new camera the Olympus OM-D E-M5 using the 40-150 zoom lens. On the E-M5 that lens is equivalent to an 80-300 on a full frame camera. Overall I am extremely pleased with the E-M5. There are things it doesn't do as well as a DSLR but there are other ways in which, for me, it's a better camera than a DSLR. All of that stuff can be discussed later. For now just check out the Anole and his dewlap.

1000 px version

2000 px version

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