Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thinking Hard about a Switch

Olympus OM-D EM-5

Isn't that a mouthful! I have been reading tons of great things about the new Olympus camera lately and almost everything I have read about it is positive. I've discussed it at length with fellow Canon user Brent Pennington. In fact I either have Brent to blame or thanks for turning me on to the Olympus camera :). Several of the blog posts I've read about the camera have included numerous sample images and I've been blown away by the quality of them and these were taken with non L-quality glass. Given that waterfalls and nature are the things Donna and I primarily shoot and will continue to do so in the future I'm thinking the time is right for this move. From what I've seen from the Canon line up the everything is getting more and more expensive. I realize there aren't as many lenses available yet for the Olympus as there are for the Canon but in time I'm sure more will become available.

I've already begun selling off my Canon gear and after getting the EM-5 later this month (hopefully) I'll most likely sell off the remaining gear we have and buy a second one for Donna to shoot with. Listed below are links for the kit I've ordered along with the battery grip which I'm ordering tonight. Finally there's a link for the body only.

So how about you? Have you seen anything that looks interesting enough to make you want to switch camera systems?

Black body with 12-50 Lens

Battery Grip

Body only


  1. I've done exactly the same thing here Zack. Goodbye Canon. (Well, except that I have kept my 24-105 lens just in case.)

    I've opted not to run with the 17-50mm as it's too big in size for the smallish nature of the system. I've kept the 14-42, 40-140 and 45F1.8, and will soon be adding the 12mm F2.

    In short, I couldn't be happier with the system. I also have an E-PL2 as a backup, which in itself is a marvellous camera.

    Here's looking for 1000s of enjoyable moments in photography with the OM-D series.


    1. Thansk for the comment, Max. I couldn't be happier with the E-M5. It's one hell of a camera. I don't miss my Canon gear one bit.