Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Sale Canon 7D

Update: Camera has been sold!

Anyone interested in a Canon 7D? I've decided to sell mine. After buying a second hand Rebel T2i I've think I've picked up the 7D once -- to move it from the desk after downloading images to the camera bag. I've found that my current shooting needs the Rebel T2i meets them just fine. I believe the camera has between 10,000 and 15,000 actuations though I don't know the exact number. I will include a 3rd party batter grip with it and spare battery. Asking price is $1100.00 or best offer. If interested email me at zack at zdpictures dot com and we'll talk more about it.

Front of Camera

Back of Camera


  1. Interesting move, Zack - you don't often see folks sell the 7D in favor of a Rebel, but I think you're right: the Rebels do the job very well, and if that's all you need, better to clean out! Hope you find a buyer!

  2. did you sell this camera yet? what did you not like about it? i have a tsi and want a 7 d for shooting dance photography. heard lots of good and bad. what can you tell me?

    1. Yes I sold it. I loved the 7D but it was more camera than I needed. Since I was no longer shooting sports and the Rebel T2i met my current needs it only made sense to me to sell it. I don't regret selling it. In fact I've sold nearly all of my Canon gear and am switching to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 micro 4/3rd camera line. If you need high frames per second and probably for dance you do, the 7D would be a great camera for you.

    2. can you tell me how you liked it? i am torn about buying one. maybe i should just buy a 28mm lens for low light and fast but i just need someone who KNOWS what they are talking about!! i'd appreciate anything you can tell me!

    3. I loved the camera. If I were still actively shooting sports I would still have it but since I mostly shoot waterfalls and birds sitting on the fence in the backyard I no longer need 7 frames per second. I sent you an email to your yahoo account. Check it out and if you have specific questions about the 7D email me back and I'll try to answer them. You should consider renting one from lensprotogo.com to see if it will meet your needs.