Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keeping Equipment You No Longer Use?

Just curious do you keep camera equipment you're no longer using?  I do and I'm beginning to wonder why I do it (aside from the packrat gene I inherited from my dad, that is). Two examples come to mind:

Canon EF-200 F 2.8L Lens. When I was shooting sports this was my lens of choice. I've shot several thousand images using this lens. It's been a great lens. Great enough that I even placed 3rd in a photo contest with a photo I took using it. Problem is these days I'm no longer shooting sports and it just doesn't have the reach I want/need for the type of nature photography I do. I suppose I could get the 1.4x extender which would take it out to 280 but that's still short. I primary shoot birds with my 400 and often wish I had something longer than that. I checked B&H Web site and this lens is now selling new for $800. I guess I need to check eBay and see what used ones are selling for these days. Let's just say this lens is worth $550 these days.

Canon Speedlite 580-EXII Flash. I bought this when Canon was offering one of their rebates and I'd be willing to say it it's been fired less than 100 times. Why? I just don't shoot in situations that require flash. I've tried using it with my nature photography and didn't really see enough improvement to warrant lugging it around all of the time. B&H sells this for $475 so let's say it's worth $350 on the used market.

So I have about $900 worth of equipment sitting on the shelf. That's crazy don't you think? So what do you do? Do you keep your equipment you're no longer using or do you sell it off on Craigslist or eBay?


  1. If you want to sell the 580 just let me know and $350 will be in your paypal acct pronto

  2. Dave,

    Email me at zack at zdpictures dot com and we'll talk about the flash.

  3. My policy is that if I'm not using a piece of gear for months, & can't identify a need for it, it gets sold. Doesn't do me any good gathering dust, and the money always helps get new stuff.

    Right now the used market prices are high because of the "shortages" being announced by the retailers. The prices you're thinking of selling your used stuff for are low - you could likely get $700 for the 200L. A low use 580EX II should get $400.

    eBay & Craislist buyers are only interested in getting a deal and shortchanging you - I'd use them as a last resort (especially Craigslist). Check out Canon Photo-on-the-Net's Sell Forum ( - I've had excellent luck there, and since it's actual photogs, they're not so interested in trying to cheat you.

    The big question is, what new toy will you get?

  4. Brent,

    Thanks for the suggestion on where to post the stuff I'm not using. I'll check it out. As far as to what toy I'd get next. I've been looking into digiscoping lately and think I want to explore that some more.